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Why Asizer?

With Asizer, customers can try on your clothes using digital images through our pose video technology. Sign up today to have customers demo your clothing images in-motion on the Asizer platform.

The #1 reason that customers return clothes bought online is improper fit. Sign up for the Asizer platform to reduce returns and improve your bottom line.

When using Asizer, Clothing Retailers can put images of their clothes in-motion allowing shoppers to share pose videos with one another by swapping faces to dress themselves, their family, or their friends.

Asizer Benefits

Our AR technology puts your clothing images in-motion.

Our technology converts static clothing images into in-motion videos. Using augmented Reality, we allow app shoppers to simulate the actual experience of trying on clothes when making a pose video. Our pose video provides the most realistic dressing room experience using clothing images from your website/web store.

Reduce Returns

41% of customers who buy clothing online do so with the intent of returning clothes that don’t fit. Asizer brings the dressing room to customers, giving a realistic try-on experience at home.

Reudce Returns by Body measurement app - Asizer
Try CPC and Executive Packages -Asizer
Junior Account
15 clothing Integration limit.
Try CPC and Executive Packages -Asizer
Enterprise Account
Unlimited clothing Integration.

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