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Fashion Feedback Program & Questionnaire for Fashion Design Market Research

Receive feedback on new clothes anonymously before launching to the public. Allow our app shoppers to try on your products and link directly to your questionnaire so they can leave any comments/answer any questions you provide. Get input on the design, style, pattern, color, and sizes-you decide! Design the questionnaire you need to get the answers you’re looking for from clothing shoppers and start your campaign today!

Two things you’ll need prior to launching your Fashion Market Campaign with us

1. Photoshop edited front view and side view images of your new fashion design/clothes. Both images should be raised 2D or 3D images, free from a background. Upload should be a maximum file size of 1.5mb. There is no limit to the number of clothes you may upload in a one month period, however no more than 5 clothing items can be active on our platform at the same time.

2. A well designed fashion customer feedback survey with a web link for customers to fill out. When you are ready to begin, complete the sign up form below. After submitting the requested details,w e will publish your fashion market campaign within 24 hours or notify you of any necessary corrections. If so, we will provide you with tips on corrective actions to successfully launch your fashion market campaign.

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Let our shoppers try on your clothing/designs anonymously and provide you feedback

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