ASizer | FAQ's


Asizer is a platform for clothing brands to discover new customers by uploading merchandise for sale via our website. For end consumers, Asizer is a shopping app to find, virtually try on, and buy clothing direct from their favorite brands
Asizer is a virtual dressing platform. Clothing brands sign up to the Asizer website to display their clothes in the Asizer app for customers to find, virtually try on, and buy direct from the brands
Clothing purchases are done on each individual clothing brands’ platform. Asizer provides virtual dressing room technology to select, try on, and connect shoppers directly to a clothing brands shopping cart to purchase clothing from them directly
Asizer uses artificial intelligence to provide customer preference customizations, which allow brands to size/fit match their clothing inventory to our app customers.
Clothing Brands are only charged when our customers exit from our app to buy clothes on a brands checkout cart/platform.
You are only charged for each unique new customer who requests to buy an item of clothing from you. We will never double charge you for multiple purchase requests from the same customer
To obtain more Asizer customers, increase the daily spending limit in your dashboard and save it. This will increase your visibility with a higher number of additional new customers the next day.
How am I charged? We only charge you for the results you receive. When our app shoppers leave our app to buy clothing from your platform/shopping cart, you are charged $1. You are billed monthly for each customer who requests to buy from you directly
Yes. You may pause displaying your clothes in the app by selecting ‘pause subscription’ within your dashboard
To chancel, go to your dashboard and select ‘cancel subscription.’ After cancellation your clothes will no longer appear in our app and you will no longer receive charges from us.