Welcome Jeff Kline

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Welcome Jeff Kline


JEFF KLINE - "ASIZER AMBASSADOR" Jeff, a former University of Michigan track and field athlete, is now a well-known fitness ambassador in the social media space. Given his previous division I athletic endeavors, sports and fitness have always been an integral part of his life. “Once I stopped playing sports, I began to tailor my workout routines around building my ideal physique rather than for athletic performance.” In addition to challenging physical workouts, Jeff enjoys the nutritional aspect of health and fitness. “It’s amazing how much your body can transform and change in such a short amount of time based off what you put into your body.” As part of ASizer’s 30-Day Scan Your Body Fitness Challenge, Jeff will be introducing a Ketosis diet to analyze how his body reacts to low carbohydrate, high protein and high fat intake. Read more about the Ketosis diet here. Follow Jeff on Instagram and Snapchat (jkline23) for ASizer’s 30-day Fitness Challenge updates, fitness workouts and nutrition tips. Download the ASizer App from the App Store. #asizerapp #scanyourbody