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Start Your Journey


The Asizer app utilizes 3D imaging and machine learning software to scan your body for body composition analysis to help you visualize and track your fitness journey. No more need for tape measures, scales and the uncertainty of where you’re gaining muscle/losing fat. With ASizer, you can scan your BMI and compare your results from anywhere. Here’s how: 1: Download the ASizer App, available on the App Store. 2: Enter your information on the measurements screen. 3: Subscribe to receive a 3-day free trial. 4: Start the 360° scan as instructed. 5: Save your photo and return atleast 24 hours later for another scan and to compare results. Check out the ASizer blog for ways to start your fitness journey. Whether it’s getting outdoors, eating healthy or hitting the gym, read some tips from other ASizer users, personal trainers, and fitness gurus on how to maximize your fitness goals. Like ASizer on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with news, success stories and contests.