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ASizer Affiliate Program

The ASizer Affiliate program is a cross promotion opportunity where you can generate revenue through promoting the ASizer app on your own platform. With the revenue sharing model, we grow together through media impressions and you earn a commission off every purchase.

After contacting us, we will seek additional information about the nature of your service (fitness, fashion, beauty, or other) and strive to offer a mutually beneficial commission structure.

To partner with us, you will need to submit a signed 1099 form (click to download) There is no additional effort required on your end beyond simply sharing a customized hyperlink which we will create for you to allow users to download the app.

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Cross Promotion

Improve impressions on your platform with no additional effort by you...

Profit Sharing

Share profits when user's purchase with no cost incurred by you...

Track User Conversions

You can log in anytime to view user conversions and chart your profit...