ASizer Corporate Wellness Program

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ASizer Corporate Wellness Program

The Program:
Asizer Company Wellness program provides a personalized trainer in the hands of your members/employees. Once you subscribe, each of your members/employees has access to your company portal...

-Easily track changes to your own body privately (localized so only you can see)
-Create or join a group to see how your changes compare to the group average (Designers versus Engineers)
-Recieve customized workout recommendations specific to your BMI and goals
-Asizer provides daily workout recommendations

What customers are saying
A. 68% agree that Asizer adds value to their fitness goals
B. 21.8% use our app daily, 21.8% use our app 3-4 times a week, and 19.8% use our app once a week
C. 55% of respondents either agree or strongly agree that Asizer helps them workout more often

Our Patented Technology:
Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) our body scanning technology calculates dimensions for each part of the body, provides the loss or gain experienced over time, and a personalized daily workout routine to address areas of the body unique to you-including a customized workout type and repetition frequency for the shoulders, chest, bicep, stomach, waist, butt, biceps, and calves (based on your BMI).

Getting Started is Easy:
-Account setup and activation is free
-A 7 day free trial is included within each package (cancel anytime within the 7 day trial period without cost)
-Account setup takes 3-4 business days after payment has been made. We will notify you by email once your account is active.